Monday, July 14, 2008

Day 134, Sunday July 13

Look at me, I'm here two days in a row! wOOt.

So a walk this morning--early, before it got too hot. Late in the afternoon we went for a swim in the lake to cool off, and after cleaning up from supper my daughter and I went for another walk. Today's total steps 10167.

AT: 470.29 Hey look! I'm actually someplace real--a stream is listed at 470, just out of Saunders Shelter in Virginia!

YTD: 567.39


neils said...

Saturday was a fairly average day, walked around the pond with Bonnie 2.5 miles and ran 3 in the afternoon.

Sunday we did Mt. Osceola, rained on us some, but generally we had good views and nice weather. Everyone made it and had a good time. Went out to a family dinner afterwards and ate too much. 6.4 miles for everyone.

Total: 12
AT: 726

Bonnie said...

I did pretty well for five miles of our mountain hike. Unfortunately it was 6.4 miles, so the last stretch down the mountain and back to the car was not far short of a death march. Good thing it's bad form to block the path, or I would have just stayed on the rock where I slipped and fell.

But I'm not too bad today. Slightly twisted ankle, blisters on both big toes, a few scrapes here and there, a headache from having been too dehydrated, and a stiff knee. Not bad at all.

The really discouraging thing is that at this rate, there's no way I'll be in shape for the family hike in September...

So 6.4 yesterday, plus 1.6 left over from Saturday, is 8 miles for the weekend.

July: 34.7
AT: 282.2
YTD: 330.3