Sunday, July 27, 2008

Day 147, Saturday 26 July

I haven't updated for a few days. Thursday was 1.8 (slightly longer version of our regular walk) plus a lot of wetvac work to get the puddle out of the basement. Friday, the regular walk (1.6). Saturday, golf plus regular walk. Total, 7 miles since I last posted.

July: 66.6
AT: 313.4
YTD: 357.6

I also posted directions for how to post photos and updated the shelters list and news box.

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neils said...

Played golf with Bonnie 2 miles (definitly played too much golf this week). Ran 3 miles in the afternoon, and Bonnie and I went for our usual walk in the evening 1.5

Total: 6.5
AT: 818.75