Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Day 143, Tuesday July 22

The day started out normal, ran 3.5 at lunch, was finally cooler, but still humid. Had to work real late and then when we tried to go on our walk the cat followed us and we didn't chase him back into the house, so we ended up having to carry him and cut the walk short at .75 to avoid being to near main roads.

Total: 4
AT: 786.5


Bonnie said...

My walk was more exciting than Neil's. He worked late, so I decided to walk while I was waiting for him to get home. Normal nice evening in the suburbs, cars coming home and kids playing outside. I was nearing the bottom of the hill when I heard a hollow crash, a lot like the sound a dumpster lid makes falling shut -- which is what I thought it was, since there's a construction dumpster at one of those houses. The kids started shouting, and then an adult female voice in that unmistakable "You'd better have a damn good explanation" tone mothers get. The kids were answering in that "we didn't do anything" tone. I couldn't make out the words, but it sounded like everything was under control.

Got to the corner and saw the woman with the kids standing in the street staring at a house farther down the block. Lots of neighbors in the street. Lots of stinky smoke pouring out from the house's back porch. A guy walking the other direction informed me the firetruck is on the way.

Obviously I cut my walk short to rubberneck with everybody else :D

So I got half a walk then, and half a walk with Neil, so 1.6 as usual, but not in the usual way.

July: 55.3
AT: 302.8
YTD: 347.3

Jean said...

Got in 7177 steps for 3.85 miles

AT miles: 455.95

YTD miles: 553.78