Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Day 144, Wednesday, July 23

Just routine walking around today -- pulling vines, walking the dogs, up and down stairs, in and around the house, 10 minutes on Dance Dance Revolution (I'm terrible at that game), and 30 minutes of Wii added up to 5753 steps for 3.08 miles.

AT miles: 459.03 (woo Hoo! I just checked the database, and I just crossed into Virginia!)

YTD miles: 556.86

Heading back to San Antonio tomorrow for the weekend. If it doesn't get rained out, we're walking the Fredericksburg Swap Meet on Friday and Saturday.


Margaret said...

I's been forever. I've been tracking my mileage such as it was, but not worth reporting, especially since I hadn't figured out how to work my new pedometer with my mostly pocketless wardrobe. I've figure it out though :).

Steps: 8637
PED Miles: 3.4
AT: 360.13
YTD Total: 424.71

I took two decent walks today, more than the pedometer shows because it records light when not clipped to my waist. There was an egret, one of the hawks, and quite a few of the birds we think are ibis. No WII.

neils said...

Congrats to Jean on making it to Virginia, its less hilly here than in North Carolina :)

Today was a long day, started out with golf (was as bad today as Monday was good), saw 3 turkeys resting near the final hole, 2 miles. At noon it hadn't started raining yet, but I'd ran 4 days in a row, so I went to the gym and rode the bike 10.38. In the evening Bonnie and I decided to go the MFA for an exhibit of Spanish painting from the reign of Phillip III. It was pouring, but stopped when we actually made it to Boston. We had time to kill so had a nice dinner and split a bottle of wine. The exhibit was very interesting. With the walk from the restaurant and back it was about 3 miles. As we started to drive back it started to pour again.

Total: 15
AT: 801.5

Bonnie said...

Three miles for dinner and museum, plus a bit more for errands and coffee in the morning. I'll call it 3.3.

July: 59.6
AT: 306.4
YTD: 350.6

Valerie Comer said...

Tuesday was hazy and breezy, so I got a solid noon hour walk as well as the usual morning one. Aquafit in the evening, which doesn't count towards the Appy Trail, but it does count towards a happy heart! Steps: 10309.

Wednesday, morning walk and a busy, frustrating day at work, followed by a family barbecue in honor of the THREE family birthdays on July 23. Steps: 7913

AT: 508.77
YTD: 605.87