Thursday, July 17, 2008

Day 137, Wednesday 16 July

Busy day, golf in the morning 2, rode the stationary bike at noon 10.78, and then walked with Bonnie in the evening 1.5. Rounding up for the extra 1th at night and the distance between buildings...

Total: 14.5
AT: 750.5


Bonnie said...

Hectic day -- had to run some errands before driving David to the Hartford airport to meet Meowser for their weekend in Disney. It's about an hour's drive and we left early, planning to meet Kat early. And it's a good thing we did because we needed every bit of it; traffic was backed up 12 miles from construction on the Mass Pike. Got him there in time to dump his bag at the curbside checkin and wave as they rushed to security (and then of course when they got to the gate their plane was delayed, but that's another story...)

Then on the way home traffic was backed up from an accident and I was stuck for almost an hour again. I was very glad to get home and get my evening walk :D

Total walking, about half a mile of errands and stuff, and 1.6 loop, for 2.1.

July: 40.5
AT: 288
YTD: 336.1

Valerie Comer said...

Quite a day, Bonnie!

Tuesday I walked in the morning and a bit at noon. It's kinda warm then for an all-out effort! Aquafit in the evening, then a short walk in the coolth of the day. 8722 steps.

Wednesday a morning walk and a noon one. Along with a busy bit of time at work, 9948 steps.

AT: 481.09
YTD: 578.19