Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Day 260, Wednesday November 12

Not so much today! A morning walk in total dark and pouring rain--great fun. Not much at work, either. Jim was off and walked Brody in the afternoon, and being as it was dark and raining again when I got home, I just left it be. 2.37 miles today.

AT: 964.36
YTD: 1061.46

Jean, I looked up your Ice Age Trail. Sounds interesting! I guess it will be awhile before any of us are ready for a new trail, but I'm ALMOST half done the Appalachian Trail! Another 9-10 months and I'll be done. The interesting thing at the other end will be whether we decide to wait for the critical mass of the group to catch up (fill in shorter hikes?) so we can start a new one all together? Dunno how this is going to work long term.

Who all is left? Bonnie, Neil, Jean, EJ, Mar (yeah I know she hasn't posted in eons but she's still in!), and me. Anyone else?


Margaret said...

Yeah, yeah, I'm still here. Limping on the trail but still getting somewhere.

That does sound like an interesting trail, but I'm something like 200 miles behind Val, so I'd be getting there late too unless I add a lot of daily mileage as the weeks come by.

Margaret said...

And just's my latest standing:

Steps: 8829
PED Miles: 3.34
Non-PED Miles: 1.5
Total Miles: 4.84
AT: 716.26
YTD Total: 780.84

Did 10 minutes on Norditrak and two walks, one long, one to first turnaround.

neils said...

Enjoyed last sunny day, ran 3.5 at noon. Bonnie and I went to see Tales of Hoffman last night, a short 1 mile walk to and from the parking lot.

Total: 4.5
AT: 1,269

neils said...
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