Sunday, November 30, 2008

Day 278 Sunday November 30

Wow, I haven't been here for a few days. Sorry 'bout that!

Thursday, regular day with a morning and after-work walk and a short one at noon hour: 4.07 miles.

Friday, took the day off work. Walked Brody EARLY, well before dawn, then we drove to Nelson to help Hanna set up her artisan faire booth. Jim headed home later and I stayed. Walked around the faire, playing gramma to the five-month-old baby of the folks at the booth-next-door. Total: 3.89 miles. (Oh, we also went shopping and each bought new walking shoes! New Balance 977s--country walkers (or light hikers): leather with Gore-Tex lining.)

Saturday, a bit of walking around the faire again, then a ride home with my niece. Jim and I walked Brody: 3.32 miles for the day.

Sunday, a good walk with the pup first thing in the morning, then a long walk at the wildlife centre in the afternoon (photos at FaceBook). Total today: 6.17 miles.

AT: 1039.7 miles
YTD: 1136.80 miles


neils said...

Walked around the pond with Bonnie 2.5 miles. Then it started to rain and freezing rain, so rode the stationary bike for a half hour 6 miles (notice that each bike gives different mileage for the same effort).

David's flight back to college was cancelled because the plane could not get off the ground in Baltimore, but he made it out this morning (he and Bonnie had to get up at 4:30AM).

Also bonnie finished Novel in a Month at 8:42PM last night!

Total: 8.5
AT: 1,372.5

Bonnie said...

Those sound like nice shoes, Val!

I got 1.6 miles Friday, 2.5 on Saturday and Sunday for 6.6 total. That makes it a light month, only 60 miles total. I should have tried as hard for my mileage as I did for my words :(

November: 60.0
AT: 641.7
Year: 693.0