Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Day 265, Monday November 17

Just realized I posted my Monday miles in the Sunday post, which is going to make it hard to find later when I need to go back (and I do go back, a lot). So I'll repeat it here.

At least a mile in the airports, plus our usual walk after we got home. I called it 2.6 total.

November: 30.0
AT: 611.7
Year: 663.0

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neils said...

Oops, Bonnis is right, today is Tuesday, so I also posted my Monday mileage on Sunday. Ah well no big problem. Good to be back home, and just about time to go running. TWC says it is 37 degrees out there and the wind chill should make it feel like 30. Should be a nice shiver, time to find my ear warmer.