Friday, November 21, 2008

Day 268, Thursday November 20

Well was so hectic I didn't even have time to post. I agre with Val is is getting really cold. This morning it was all of 19 degrees and they predict we won't even get over freezing on Saturday :(

Wednesday ran 3.5 at noon. We had drinks after work and Bonnie was not feeling good so no evening walk.

Thursday ran 3.5 at noon. Did Pilates in the evening and Bonnie rode the stationary bike (4 miles) so no walk that day either.

Total: 7
AT: 1,309

Definitly in NJ as I spent the night at Bink Road Shelter


Valerie Comer said...

Thursday I slept in--kaboinged awake about 50 minutes late. Brody got a half walk and I blasted through the rest and got to work 2 minutes late. Not bad!

I went for a good walk at noon. Good thing as Jim had a 7pm meeting which cut short our after-work walk. IF I'd been up on time to throw supper in the slowcooker, that wouldn't have been a problem. Sigh. What a scatter-brained day for 3.77 miles.

AT: 994.92 miles
YTD: 1092.02

Should clear 1000 miles of the AT sometime Saturday!! I'm about at the David Lesser Memorial Shelter. I think that's still in Virginia? Almost to West Virginia, if I have this figured out right.

Bonnie said...

I wasn't feeling well Wednesday so no mileage. Thursday was pretty good, however, with 4 miles on the exercise bike and around half a mile running errands and stuff.

November: 36.1
AT: 617.8
Year: 669.1