Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Day 272, Monday November 24

Another day full of meetings, so ran first thing in the morning 3.5 miles. In the evening went for a walk 1.5. Bonnie is coming down with my cold and stayed in.

Total: 5
AT: 1,332.5


Bonnie said...

Gorgeous pictures yesterday, Val.

I've had this sort of not-quite-cold that is irritated by the wintery air, so I rode the exercise bike today. Three miles. I did a bit of walking for errands in the morning. 3.3 total.

November: 47.4
AT: 629.1
Year: 680.4

Valerie Comer said...

Monday, morning walk with Brody, short walk at noon. Jim met me in town at 5, needed stuff from the hardware store. Home after solid dark. Ever walked a black dog on a moonless night on an unlit country road? With an intermittently working flashlight? Great fun. 3.78 miles

AT: 1014.86
YTD: 1111.96