Saturday, October 4, 2008

Day 220, Saturday October 4

Rainy day here means lots of inside time, and with a very small house, that doesn't mean a lot of steps. 4855 to be exact, for 2 entire miles.

AT: 787.42
YTD: 884.52

Happy Birthday to Neil and Bonnie's David and to my daughter Hanna.


neils said...

Thanks Val.

Well Bonnied bought one of the pedometers, so you should get much more accurate mileage from her. But it seems to have given here a few hundred steps just from claping at last nights symphony :)

Refereed one soccer game yesterday, estimate 3.5 miles (70 minutes of game time). Walked around the pond with Bonnie 2.5 and another 2 mile walk to and from the symphony. Cloudy today, but the predict another nice day, so have to wait to see what happens.

Total: 8
AT: 1,148

Bonnie said...

1.6 Friday. 2.5 around the pond plus 1.5 to and from the symphony and other walking around. I haven't calibrated the pedometer yet so I'm still on the old-style approximation mode. 5.6 total.

September and October: 72.4
AT: 480.4
Year: 524.6