Saturday, October 11, 2008

Day 226, Friday, October 10

Time for a belated update. As I type, I'm hiking past Buchanan, VA. As of last night, I was between shelters, though.

AT miles: 728.03 miles
YTD miles: 825.86 miles

Our big walking should be behind us. The whole of Carlisle swap meet was 12.54 miles. We did that in one day and hiked 7.6 miles of that same stretch the day before.

I only hiked along for one day of Hershey and didn't quite do half of it: 9.03 miles. I stayed in the room and worked on writing the second day.

We're taking it easy, packing the truck, and preparing for hubby's Lanternvention tonight. While in NY, we found battery operated Halloween lanterns for favors for the subscribers who attend tonight.

Tomorrow, we begin the trek for home.

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