Friday, October 31, 2008

Day 247, Friday, October 31

Discovered this morning that Jim still had the leash in his pocket--and he leaves for work almost two hours before Brody's and my walk. So we went across the field as there's usually too much going on on our little road that time of day. Half day at work. Jim phoned to say he was going to have to work overtime. I figured Brody needed a longer walk, not a shorter one, so made him heel along our road (without a leash) for 3/4 mile to the far end, then released him for a run out to the river. Made him heel part of the way back, too. He wasn't impressed, but he listened.

And I am officially over ONE THOUSAND MILES for the year. (You'd think I'd be skinnier...)

Today: 5.56 miles
AT: 906.39 miles
YTD: 1003.49


EJ said...

Congrats on breaking the 4th figure, Val!

I did 2.6 miles yesterday and fixed my spreadsheet so it add correctly.

Oct: 52.2
AT: 338.64
YTD: 385.82

neils said...

Congrats Val, that means you are past Harpers Ferry, which means you are half way there :)

Back to the grind, yesterday was a 3 mile run and a 1.5 mile walk with Bonnie.

Total: 4.5
AT: 1,210

Bonnie said...

Woohoo Val!!!!

2 miles for me yesterday, 1.6 with Neil and the rest running around getting groceries and putting up Halloween decorations and stuff. I should have walked one more time around the block to make 160 for the two months. Sigh.

September and October: 159.7
AT: 566.7
Year: 610.9