Thursday, October 30, 2008

Day 246 Thursday, October 30

Woke up to discover Brody learned to navigate the spiral stairs during the night and eaten his fill of kitty litter crunchies. I wasn't in any mood to play games with him on our walk this morning--on the leash the whole way with a cranky woman, he was, then he landed in the crate for the day. I ran errands at noon hour which added a few steps and hoped for a long walk after work, but hubby hurt his back at work and was in for a shortish one only. Ah well. It's pretty much solid dark by the time we've been home for an hour now so no dilly-dallying when we get home.

Today: 3.84 miles
AT: 900.82
YTD: 997.92

WooTTTTT! Watch me roll those numbers in the next couple days! :D


EJ said...

Go, Val! You're almost half-way on the trail, right.

I'm a different story. Pleh. Really need to do 2 miles today.

MTD: 48.1
AT: 334.54
YTD: 381.72

Bonnie said...

Wow, look at those big numbers! Congratulations, Val!

My pedometer died on the second day in Rome. I think I must have dropped it or something. So I don't know how much we walked. It was 5 miles on our first travel day -- De Gaulle airport is frickin' massive -- and at least 12 miles for our two days in Rome. But there were days where the longest walk was from the cabin to the dining room.

So I'm figuring an average of 3.5 miles a day -- 49 miles. It was an active vacation. Plus about two miles yesterday.

September and October: 157.7
AT: 564.7
Year: 608.9