Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Day 230, Tuesday October 14

Well this is the last day Bonnie and I will be reporting this month, heading off on our "finally no kids at home" celebration. Its been 30 years so we decided it was time to do something major. See you all in November.

Yesterday, went to the gym, rode the bike for 20 minutes 7.28 miles. Finished the lawn mowing, about a mile, but round the daily total to 8. Then a 1 mile walk with Bonnie in the evening.

Total: 9
AT: 1,205.5


Bonnie said...

Forgot to wear my pedometer, but I'm guessing today was about the same as yesterday, around 3 miles.

September and October: 106.7
AT: 513.7
Year: 557.9

I'm taking the pedometer on the vacation, so hopefully I'll have a really large count to post when we get back :D We have long walks planned in Cyprus and Naples (climbing Mt. Vesuvius, weather and volcanic action permitting!), plus a lot of other sightseeing and stuff, so hopefully we won't get too out of shape or overweight.

Keep up the good work while we're gone!

Valerie Comer said...

Walked with Brody in the morning, picked up groceries at noon, voted after work but squeezed in another walk with Jim and Brody just before full dark. 3.67 miles for the day.

AT: 829.83
YTD: 926.93