Saturday, October 18, 2008

Day 233, Friday Oct. 17

I'm still around, Val, just not posting as frequently. Nudge me on Twitter if I get too quiet and I'll come talk for a while. I know just what you mean about talking to yourself, though. I do it all the time because I'm the only person who listens consistently.

MTD: 28.77
AT: 312.21
YTD: 359.39

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Valerie Comer said...

Hey EJ :) Good to see you!

Friday I walked Brody in the morning, chased cows in the afternoon, then (while Jim hauled the cows to the mustering station in two loads, plus another load for the neighbor!) Brody and I went for a longer walk in late afternoon all the way to the irrigation ditch at the far end of our road.

The field of silage corn has been cut and hauled away so I'm assuming that the bear is gone. At least there's no place for him to hide and no reason for him to be there anymore!

I love listening to the birds sing in the trees at the far end.

Friday: 5.04
AT: 844.36
YTD: 941.46