Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Day 224, Wednesday October 8

Brody's been feeling his oats lately, so he spent almost the full morning walk on the leash instead of running free. Needs to learn to listen, and I got tired of yelling. I walked my whole lunch hour, knowing I wouldn't get an evening walk. Indeed, Jim and I (with a little help from the dog...) pulled all our tomato plants, picked off anything with a wee bit of color, and hauled the plants to the compost. Also the green beans and pumpkin plants. Picked off a good bunch of corn and tossed the stalks over to the cows (moo-heaven). So there were a fair number of steps involved in all that, too.

Today: 11002 steps, 4.52 miles (see, Bonnie, two decimal points are good!)
AT: 805.5
YTD: 902.60


neils said...

Decided to take the day off of my legs and ride the stationary bike 10.28. I'm starting to think the workout I do on this bike may be causing its own problems. Got to do a more flat workout I think :|

Then Bonnie and I took advantage of the nice fall weather and played golf in the late afternoon 2 miles. Finished it off by going out to dinner.

Total: 12
AT: 1,170.5

Bonnie said...

The pedometer said 5.0152. I'm going with just plain 5 :D

Looks like today I'll break 500 on the AT!!!!

September and October: 91.6
AT: 498.6
Year: 542.8