Thursday, October 23, 2008

Day 238 Wednesday October 22

And then I abandoned EJ to posting by herself. Sorry! Yesterday my morning walk was fogged in so I didn't brave the road to the end lest the bear be lurking in the bushes. There are no bushes at our end! And our evening walk was a bit short 'cause hubby was tired and sore (and frustrated from trying to fix my car and having to order parts from Toronto!). 2.96 miles.

Today was clear and COLD. Brody and I had a long brisk walk this morning and I went for a full hour walk at noon. Perfect weather. I needed that walk because I knew I was picking up groceries after work and would be home too late. Thankfully I was able to pull together a 4.74 mile day without it! (Jim walked Brody)

AT: 864.63 miles
YTD: 961.73 miles

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EJ said...

No big deal. It's about time I started pulling my weight around here! Tuesday's steps didn't rate a mention; I was parked behind the laptop most of the day. Yesterday I worked, so it was much better.

Wednesday: 2.67
AT: 319.73
YTD: 366.91