Monday, October 13, 2008

Day 228, Sunday October 12

I haven't checked in for a few days. Friday and Saturday I canned most of the tomatoes I had left, so was pretty busy with that. Jim and I took the pup for a good walk Friday when he got home, though. Saturday the walking was more on a basic level (back and forth in the kitchen!). Today we had family over for Canadian Thanksgiving and we took the gang for a walk along the river before putting the finishing touches on the turkey dinner.

Friday: 4.93 miles
Saturday: 3.08
Sunday 4.61
AT: 822.02
YTD: 919.12

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neils said...

Friday went for a 2 mile walk at noon, then played golf in the evening 2 miles. Finally a walk in the evening 1.5.

Total: 5.5

Saturday refereed soccer, not a very competetive game and low skill level so I'd guess 3 miles. Walked 1.5 with Bonnie in the afternoon and another 1.5 in the eving.

Total: 6

Sunday a lot of house work, touched up the paint on the house and mowed half the lawn 1 mile, went for a 3 mile run and Bonnie and I walked 1.5 miles in the evning.

Total: 5.5

AT: 1,191