Monday, December 1, 2008

November/December campfire

For this chilly winter campfire, I found a nice place for rent in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Some of you are already well past, but it's close to where I am and I'm thinking of staying for the winter. Besides a hot tub, it's got a fireplace on the deck. I don't know how much writing I'd get done, but I'd sure enjoy doing it. I'll bet there are deer in the back yard and chickadees in the trees. Some good Scotch and an internet connection, and I'd be set!

Here's the pointer if anybody's interested in visiting in the real world.


onmywaytoga said...


Yes, there are deer in the back and many chickadees in the trees, as well as woodpeckers, titmice, finches, blue jays, cardinals and many other beautiful birds.

As the Owner of Deer Pine Lodge, I thank you for mentioning our cabin in your blog. Have you stayed at Deer Pine Lodge or stayed with other people who visited?

You would get a lot of writing done while hearing the birds, branches blowing in the wind, or hearing the peacefulness of the woods. Nature has a way of inspiring our creative juices.

We also have an internet connection. In January, Deer Pine Lodge will have WIFI throughout. Currently, we have a cable modem. Yes, a nice drink and an internet connection would be wonderful!

Thank you again for pointing to our website.

Marian, Owner,

neils said...

Wow, thanks for finding us, we havn't visited, but it certainly looks nice and we'd like to stop by some day.

Bonnie said...

No, I haven't visited, it just looked so lovely I wanted to daydream about being there. (Found it on Google.)

Your kind post makes me think the owner is another asset of this lovely retreat. I think you will see me some day :D

Valerie Comer said...

Hi, Marian! And thanks for noticing us. We just keep plodding along here, and it's nice to feel welcomed somewhere *real*!