Monday, December 8, 2008

Day 285, Sunday December 7

What, no posts? Saturday I walked the pup and I did keep the pedometer on while traveling and I discovered that there are, indeed, many miles in the Salt Lake City airport and then when Mar met my flight we walked waaay out to the car. 5.61 miles for the day.

Sunday we walked four miles in her wilderness and then random more shopping and sight-seeing along Lake Tahoe. 6.59 miles (a photo album started at FB)

AT: 1074.07
YTD: 1171.17


neils said...

Just never logged on on Sunday :)

Saturday road the stationary bike 5.5 miles then 1.5 mile walk with bonnie.

Sunday we did the cedar hill loop 3 miles, then went for a christmas swag. Ran 3 miles before the wind and cold really came in. 13 degrees this morning. Looks like a good day to stay in doors.

Total Saturday: 7
Total Sunday 6

AT: 1,408

Bonnie said...

Since I last posted: 10 miles, including some Christmas shopping in downtown Concord (think US Revolutionary War) and a walk through Cedar Hill and Cedar Swamp. I took some pics that I need to upload.

And that puts me over 700 for the year. Woohoo!!!

December: 16
AT: 657.7
Year: 709.0