Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Day 300, Monday December 22

Well it was cold (about 15 degrees) and the snow was blowing by the window, making almost a white out. So I decided to work out in the gym. None of the stationary bikes were working. I waited around and a stair master freed up. Took about a minute to realize this was not going go work with my knee. A few minutes later the rowing machine freed up. 5 minutes and 4 tenths of a mile later an eliptical trainer freed up. So I did 30 minutes on that machine. All in all about 3 miles. No walk in the evening as the kids were up for Holiday Dinner.

Total: 3
AT: 1,476.5

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Bonnie said...

About a mile running around and doing last-minute errands.

December: 47.4
AT: 689.4
Year: 742.7