Monday, December 29, 2008

Day 307, Monday December 29

Home and back to puppy walks, but not long ones due to the ankle and the TON of snow we've had. Brody gets lots of exercise ditch diving, anyway. Still, nearly double the steppage from recent days, so I'm into claiming them! 3908 steps or 1.61 miles.

AT: 1134.44
YTD: 1231.54


Margaret said...

Hugs on the ankle trouble. I'm starting to be with you there with one knee behaving strangely and collecting fluids, but I'm fighting it off with Aleve :). It doesn't hurt yet so... Wish that was the excuse for my low steppage rather than sleeping in and watching movies.

Steps: 2849
PED Miles: 1.18
Non-PED Miles: 1.75
Total Miles: 2.93
AT: 884
YTD Total: 946

The only walking I did was on errands, but I played several vigorous games of tennis both with and against myself :). You try a lefty and a righty. It's HARD!

Jean said...

Hope the ankle heals soon.

I've been remiss in reporting, and I've also, apparently, been remiss in walking. Here's the totals so far:

AT miles: 870.37

YTD miles: 968.2

I got Mar's spreadsheet copied over onto a new sheet for 2009. I just have to figure out how to carry over the AT miles. I'm sure it's a simple process.

neils said...

just the winter blues and injury time of the year. We don't have any snow left on the ground, but the wind is blowing 30-40 MPH, though it is supposed to slow down later today.

Monday I went into work, had a few things to do, ran 3.5 at noon and walked 1.5 in the evening with Bonnie. Fairly normal day.

Total: 5
AT: 1,514.5

Bonnie said...

3.3 miles just seems to be my normal day lately.

December: 67.3
AT: 709.3
Year: 762.6

Margaret said...

3.3 average is a nice amount, Bonnie :).

And Jean, there isn't a good way, though I suppose you could put the last day of Dec with the total of the whole. What I did for Val and me was add a cell for carry over. If you want, I can send you my 2009 version. Val's is in a different color scheme :D.

Neil, you're just so far out there :D.

Jean said...

Yes, Margaret, I'd like to see what you've done, so please send me a copy of the latest and greatest.