Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Day 293, Monday 15 December

So who actually got out today... Seems pretty cold all over.

Steps: 5454
PED Miles: 2.26
Non-PED Miles: 1.8
Total Miles: 4.06
AT: 848
YTD Total: 909

I declared it much too cold and snowy (active snowfall most of the day) to go out, so did 36 minutes on WII Fit…then my hubby came home at the first real break in the snow and since my youngest had charged me $5 to shovel the walk, he decided we should go walking instead. It was fun tromping through the snow :). Never did get back to do my planned 30 minutes on WII Tennis, but I didn't really need it either.


neils said...

Yes -20 is too cold for the dog, oh and you might want to consider a scarf :)

It was 58F here yesterday, hard to believe after the weekend ice storm and deep freeze. But we are supposed to get 2-3 inches of snow tonight.

Ran 3.5 in just shorts and a tee shirt, and 1.5 walk with Bonnie in the evening.

today looks like sitting in a lot of meetings.

Total: 5
AT: 1,447.5

neils said...

Just realized I made it into CT, these small New England States are really nice to give you the illusion of progress.

Bonnie said...

At the rate you're going, Neil, you ought to be getting to the end right about the February blizzard! *g*

Jacob only charged $5 for the sidewalks? Geez. What a bargain.

I did 1.6 around the neighborhood plus some errands -- say 1.9. I certainly didn't reach two miles. Should have done some on the exercise bike or something.

December: 34.2
AT: 676.2
Year: 727.5

Valerie Comer said...

Me, me! I went out! Nearly froze to death, but whatever. Got most of my steps on my noon hour: 2.82 miles.

AT: 1112.04
YTD: 1209.14