Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Day 308, Tuesday December 30

Hey, at least I'm posting every day right now...though not getting my minimum as of yet :P. It's cold and uninviting out there :D.

Steps: 5601
PED Miles: 2.32
Total Miles: 2.32
AT: 886
YTD Total: 948

One good sized walk and a beautiful look at the harrier, but nothing after that. The day just vanished :p.


neils said...

Good to have another regular poster. It's snowing here again, they are predicting 8-12 inches, going to probably make the first night button's we bought worthless, but you never know.

Yesterday Bonnie and I went to Crain Swamp (location of Cedar Hill) and tried a different trail. Turned out to be a nice trail up a moderate hill,not too much ice on the path. About 3 miles. In the afternoon I ran my 3 mile loop.

As I sit here watching the snow start I thought about going out running first thing in the morning before the snow gets too deep, but I don't think I'm young enough to care for that any longer. I'll probably just ride the bike today.

Everyone have a happy and safe new years eve!

Total: 6
AT: 1,520.5

Bonnie said...

I got 3.5 miles today. Crane Swamp, mostly, and some puttering around the house.

December: 70.8
AT: 712.8
Year: 766.4

Valerie Comer said...

No fresh snow--instead a beautiful blue sky. Walked Brody in the morning, and later on we took him with us when we snowshoed the back forty (literally). It was pretty funny because on our way out he bounded in huge loops, criss-crossing our trudge. When we stopped at the end of our property and looked back, we could see that his loops had gotten a lot smaller towards the end! And much of the way back he trotted in our packed trail.

Jim got me new snowshoes for Christmas. I don't know if I remembered to mention that before. They're light and narrow so very easy to walk in, even in deep powder.

The ankle is tired, as is the rest of me, but not tweaking. Yay! 2.79 miles for the day.

AT: 1137.23
YTD: 1234.33

Jean said...

Just filling in space:

4030 steps and 2.16 miles

AT miles: 872.53

YTD miles: 970.36