Sunday, December 14, 2008

Day 291, Saturday Dec 13

Didn't get online much this week other than popping Tahoe photos up to FaceBook! But Mar and I did a lot of hiking. Wednesday we sort of decided to hike around Fallen Leaf Lake and racked up 9.39 miles for the day.

Thursday we hiked to Eagle Falls--the rocks were very cool but the water a bare trickle!--did some shopping, then hiked some more in search of an old lighthouse. 6.7 miles.

Friday we loaded up to head back to Reno but found a trail along the east shore of Lake Tahoe that begged for a quick hike. Mar dropped me off at the airport and I got a wee bit more steppage in the Reno and Seattle airports. Arrived in Spokane to a blizzard. 4.1 miles.

Saturday we'd stayed overnight in Cd'A due to the horrid roads, drove home, found the water frozen. I did take Brody for a shortish walk due to the -15C blowing snow--but we both needed out anyway. 2.32 miles.

AT: 1107.57
YTD: 1204.67

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Bonnie said...

Wedesday: 2 miles

Thursday: 2 miles. It seems like I did more, but I forgot to write it down.

Friday: 1.6 miles

Saturday: 3 miles in Boston visiting the MFA, walking down Newberry Street, and having a lovely tapas dinner.

December: 30.8
AT: 671.8
Year: 723.1