Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Day 295, Wednesday Dec 17

Tuesday Brody got a very brief morning walk and I got a bit more at noon and after work for a total of 3.24 miles. Still very cold.

Wednesday a bit warmer. That's a relative term meaning it can start to snow (and has done so). Quick walk before work with the mutt. Sprained my ankle at noon (slipped on the slushy ice and went down hard), so there will be precious little walking until that heals better. 1.27 miles for the day.

AT: 1116.54
YTD: 1213.64

PS. Apparently I'm holed up at Darlington Shelter in Pennsylvania. (I went a mile past and doubled back, because it's cold and I need a place to rest my ankle.)


neils said...

Ouch, sorry to hear about the ankle, with the storm coming, I'd stayin the shelter.

It snowed and sleeted here yesterday, so I rode the stationary bike, with the jog over to the other building 10.5, then walk in the evening 1.5 miles.

Total: 12
AT: 1,461

Bonnie said...

More storm yesterday, with sleet and slush, so I stayed off the icy streets and rode the exercise bike instead. 4 miles in 25 minutes.

Yeah, stay holed up in that shelter for a while, Val. Bad weather coming in anyway. We'll bring you chicken soup and stuff.

December: 39.8
AT: 681.8
Year: 733.1