Thursday, December 25, 2008

Day 302, Wednesday December 24

Merry Christmas, since I am writing this on the 25th, even though its the 24th's post, we'll you understand :)

Tuesday managed to get out for a 3.5 mile run, but no walk in the evening as after work Bonnie and I drove up to Waterville Valley go to skiing the next day, we got stuck in traffice and didn't get ther till late.

Wednesday was a good day of skiing, temps around 30, started to have light rain around 2:00, but by then we were too tired to do much more anyway. Skiing doesn't seem to be too good for my knee, I guess that is what the doctor said about only doing activities that go strieght ahead.

Not sure what to put down for 4 hours of skiing, but had 8 long runs from the top of the mountain, and a number of shorter ones. So chauck it up to 8 miles. In the evening Bonnie and I walked 1 mile.

Total: 12.5
AT: 1,489

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Bonnie said...

I didn't ski as much as Neil did, but I did go a good long way. I'm guessing 5 miles, including the evening walk. Took a tumble towards the end that left me with a bruise on my stomach, but nothing serious. Lots of sore muscles, however.

December: 52.4
AT: 694.4
Year: 747.7