Monday, December 22, 2008

Day 299, Sunday December 21

Well that was a rough weekend. Snowed about 10 inches from Friday afternoon to night, then we had ocean affect snow on Saturday, another 2 inches or so, and finally another storm on Sunday with 6-8 inches. I measured 18 inches on our table in the back yard in the middle of the afternoon.

But all was not lost, on Saturday Bonnie and I went on our 1.5 mile walk before the roads started to get really slick, and then I went snow shoeing for 70 minutes, we have 70 acres of wet land behind us, that is good for snow shoeing once there is over 8 inches of snow. I estimate about 2+ miles.

Went out again on Sunday and did the same loop, saw some snowmobilers, so there really was a lot of snow! No wild animals, but really beautiful with all that snow.

Total: 5.5
AT: 1,473.5

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Bonnie said...

1.6 miles of slipping and sliding.

December: 46.4
AT: 688.4
Year: 741.7