Thursday, January 22, 2009

Day 331, Thursday January 22

Brody got a short walk this morning before his long drive into town and his visit to the vet. I walked at noon in town and after work without him, which seemed strange! Also did the SparkPeople exercise vid for today. Pup will be home tomorrow.

Today: 4.22 miles
AT: 1223.33
YTD: 82.53


Margaret said...

Yay for doing the vid :).

Steps: 4431
PED Miles: 1.84
Non-PED Miles: 1
Total Miles: 2.84
YTD Total: 66.43
AT Total: 955.53
Virtual Walk Total: 1017.19

The rain stopped long enough to get a walk in today and my SparkPeople workout.

neils said...

Crap, blogger eat my post!

Well, Wednesday was a 3 mile run at noon and 1.5 mile walk in the evening.

Thursday went skiing. Really good snow, but very cold wind on the lift, had to quit early. 6 runs from the top, 4 from the middle and 2 short runs. Hard to estimate distance divided by effort times weather :). But make it 8.5

Total: 13
AT: 1,625

Bonnie said...

Skiing yesterday was great. I was only on the middle/lower part of the mountain so I stayed warmer. We calculated five miles for me, and I had 1.8 walking miles yesterday and Wednesday, total 6.8.

That looks like a nice comfy hut you were at, Val, but if you're passing Allentown, maybe you should hitch over to Bethlehem and see if Erin will give you a hot shower and a good meal :D

January and year: 56.9
AT: 773.9

Valerie Comer said...

Thanks for the advice, Bonnie. I was thinking I wasn't excessively far from Erin's neighborhood!