Monday, January 12, 2009

Day 320, Sunday January 11

I took Brody for his usual morning walk, then after lunch we went snowshoeing. We stayed on top much better than he did, poor pup. He'd run along a bit and then suddenly start sinking. Wore him out. I also did my SparkPeople exercise video for the day. Today: 4.09 miles

AT: 1183.15
YTD: 42.35


Margaret said...

I wanted to go snowshoeing today, but Colin's hurt his knee, so some other day. Glad you and Jim had fun. And Brody survived :).

Steps: 6985
PED Miles: 2.89
Non-PED Miles: 0.5
Total Miles: 3.39
YTD Total: 32.19
AT Total: 921.29
Virtual Walk Total: 982.95

Did one walk, saw a new type of hawk, met a cute 4 month old puppy, then did errands and shopping for the rest of the steps. Did my 10 cardio workout.

neils said...

Virtually joined Val and went show shoeing. Was out for about 80 minutes, no idea how far, but I'd guess 2.5 or so. Managed to get a nice cut on my nose where a branch snaped back at me, but no real damage done, but the blood was impressive.

Total: 2.5
AT: 1,578.5

Bonnie said...

I thought I posted this earlier -- don't know where it went.

I rode the exercise bike because my calf was hurting from sliding around on the snow and ice yesterday. 3 miles there plus .7 wandering around the house.

January and year: 28.6
AT: 745.6

Margaret said...

Geez, the two of you are disaster areas :). Hope your nose has stopped bleeding, Neil. And Bonnie, hope your calf feels better soon. Smart move choosing to do different activities.