Monday, January 26, 2009

Day 335, Monday January 26

It's COLD here. I think today topped out at about -12C. Pup barely got his nose out the door this morning. I don't feel as dedicated on Mondays cause it's hubby's day off so pup gets more chances to get out. I did take him to the end of the road after I got home from work. Then I went to J's brother-in-law's birthday party and had a large piece of lemon meringue pie, which doubtless undid all those walks and more. Today: 2.76 miles

AT: 1235.32
YTD: 94.52


neils said...

I'll have to get my conversion calculator out, but it was 7F this morning here, and unfortunately we didn't think it was that cold a day :(

Warmed up to low 20's and ran 3 miles at noon. Well it was more of a crawl, but I did move forward, walked 1.5 in the evening.

Snow in the forecast for Wednesday so should be interesting.

Total: 4.5
AT: 1,640.5

Bonnie said...

Still a bit under the weather. Managed to do the groceries and all the usual stuff, which the pedometer says was 1.2 miles.

If I can get 3.5 miles per day for the rest of the month, I can break 800 miles on the trail! Gotta get moving!

January and year: 64
AT: 781

Bonnie said...

oops, bad arithmetic -- it'll take 3.8 miles a day.