Thursday, January 8, 2009

Day 317, Thursday January 8

Well, I nearly took another slick day when my 4x4 slid gently into the snowbank on my road this morning. However, I managed to get it backed out and back home and my boss drove out to get me. I walked (shuffled and slid, more like) out to the main road to meet him. I was really close to being able to drive but the little hill at the end was just too much--sheer ice, not sanded or salted.

Walked little at noon and nothing after work. It's just plain ice. So after I did my Day 5 video, I found the kickboxing one from a few days ago and did it. Still not really all the cardio I needed and few steps, but hey. I have a good excuse...reason...whatever.

Today's steps: 2926/ 1.2 miles
AT: 1169.04
YTD: 28.24


Jean said...

Our weather has warmed up again, and temperatures topped 77 today. I got out and trimmed two more bushes and bagged the debris, then Hershey took me for a walk.

5921 steps ( 2873 aerobic steps in 30 minutes) and 3.17 miles

AT miles: 908.65

YTD miles: 28.79

Margaret said...

Hey, that cardio kickboxing is rough. Are you SURE you didn't get yours in?

I love your phrasing Jean :).

Steps: 6877
PED Miles: 2.85
Non-PED Miles: 1
Total Miles: 3.85
YTD Total: 23.21
AT Total: 912.31
Virtual Walk Total: 973.97

Did two medium walks today, one alone and one with Colin. Freezing winds so couldn't stay out very long. Hawks and the heron didn't seem to mind. Nor the Canadians ;), and even two grebes. Then did my sparks people vid and the bonus vid. OUCH.

Creeping up on 1k though :).

neils said...

The ice did some melting and the sun was even out for a while at noon, ran 3.5. In the evening the winds were starting to come up and its supposed to be really cold over the weekend. Bonnie and I got in our 1.5 mile walk.

Total: 5
AT: 1,566

Bonnie said...

3.1 miles.

January and year: 20.4
AT: 737.4