Thursday, January 8, 2009

Day 316, Wednesday January 7

I took the slick day today and glad of it. Imagine rain on 8 inches of snow on a few inches of slush on top of ice. Yeah. Good times. Brody and I walked in the morning, a bit slow going because the road was so slippery. But it was WAY slipperier in the afternoon when it had rained all day.

Hubby says the main roads have been sanded, so I expect to go to work tomorrow.

Today's steps are a bit high because my step length was so short, but I'm claiming them anyway! It's giving me 4.78 miles today...not that far out.

AT: 1167.84
YTD: 27.04


Margaret said...

Hey, you risked life and limb for those steps. You deserve them :).

"Date: 01-07-2009

Steps: 3765
PED Miles: 1.56
Non-PED Miles: 0.5
Total Miles: 2.06
YTD Total: 19.36
AT Total: 908.46
Virtual Walk Total: 970.12

Just a short walk today. Got a good look at the underside (the one I can't identify) of a hawk, and the heron was about. Then I did my SparksPeople workout on my abs. One knee hurts and my abs were sore, but that's all to the good.

neils said...

Bad weather all over, we had an ice storm here also. Worked from home, rode the stationary bike 5.3 miles in a half hour, but broke 300 calroies. not sure how the bike figures these things. Bonnie and I tried for a walk in the evening, but too slick so only went .2 miles.

Total: 5.5
AT: 1,561

Bonnie said...

According to the trusty pedometer, I got 1.1 miles yesterday. I'm not sure how, considering that we only made it a couple of houses down the block before we decided the chances of falling and breaking something were too high. But I'm not going to argue :D

January and year: 16.3
AT: 734.3