Monday, January 12, 2009

Day 321, Monday, January 12

Short morning walk with the pup, then Jim and I and Brody walked to the irrigation channel and back after work. Also some running around at work and my SparkPeople exercise vids. Today's mileage: 3.84.

AT: 1186.99
YTD: 46.19


Margaret said...

Nice work all around, Val :). Once your ankle's healed, if you want a killer workout, try the jump rope video. I don't have space to use an actual rope, but she says it's fine to fake it. Which is good cause trying with a rope would have killed me ;p.

Steps: 3216
PED Miles: 1.33
Non-PED Miles: 1.55
Total Miles: 2.88
YTD Total: 35.07
AT Total: 924.17
Virtual Walk Total: 985.83

Had to pick up my oldest from school for sickness through my walking time so did extra SparkPeople workout. 10 minute jumproping and I'm drenched :P.

Bonnie said...

Took it easy on my sore calf. According to Runner's World, I have shinsplints. I thought they only happened on the front of the shin, but they say you can get them on the back side, too, if you have weak arches. Which I do. They recommend alternate exercise and arch support.

So I guess I'll be doing more exercise bike and less walking for a couple of weeks.

1.4 yesterday.

January and year: 30
AT: 747

neils said...

Knew I forgot to do something this morning :)

Except for a nice bruise the nose is fine, suprisingly only one person has asked what happened.

Ran 3.5 at noon, cool, but not as cold as it is going to get and walked 1.5 in the evening.

Total: 5
AT: 1,583.5

Jean said...

Not much to report, but I'm feeling marginally better today, so maybe numbers will begin to improve.

AT miles: 915.44

YTD miles: 35.58

Margaret said...

Hugs. but I'm glad you figured it out and have a way to get around it. Good luck with those arches.

LOL on the nose, Neil. I wonder what people were thinking...

And hugs Jean. Glad you're feeling better.