Saturday, January 24, 2009

Day 333, Saturday, January 24

I did better today, with three short(ish) walks with Brody, plus a bit of shopping and housecleaning/ laundry. That puppy doesn't act like he's recovering from surgery. He has a lot of energy. Maybe tomorrow I'll pretend the vet didn't say seven to ten DAYS for full recovery? (Brody thought he said *hours* I think.) Today: 4.41 miles

AT: 1228.97
YTD: 88.17

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Bonnie said...

3.2 miles with a walk around the pond, and another mile in the evening going from parking garage to symphony and back. The day was fairly warm but it's supposed to turn very cold again for several days.

January and year: 62.4
AT: 779.4