Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day 336, Tuesday January 27

So it warmed up. So it snowed. Sigh.

Brody got a quick walk first thing, then I walked some over my noon hour, then hubby and I and the pup took a decent walk after work. 4.58 miles total. More like it.

AT: 1239.9
YTD: 99.1

I see I should've walked a few more steps and broke 100! Ah well, there's always tomorrow.


neils said...

Nicest day of the week, but I had been on the roads to much, so did the eliptical trainer 2.76 miles in a half hour (307 calories). With walking between buildings and 2 trips from building 4 to 1, I estimate a total of 3 miles at work.

Meet Bonnie in Boston after her art class for dinner. Walked about a 1.

Total: 4
AT: 1,644.5

Bonnie said...

I managed to forget my pedometer (left it in the car when I caught the T into town) so I'm going to assume I got 3 miles walking around Boston for the art class, same as last week.

Met Neil after class and we walked over to Tapeo (nice Spanish tapas place on Newberry Street) for dinner, so that's another mile.

And the pedometer says I got .3 for before and after.

So 4.3 total. Not bad!

Snowing and probably icing today, so I think it will be an exercise bike day.

January and year: 68.3
AT: 785.3