Saturday, January 10, 2009

Day 319, Saturday, January 10

I did notice it on my arms, Margaret. I was thinking as I was weed eating that the swinging motion would be a workout of sorts. Thankfully, it's not too bad. But you must have passed your flu my way, because I'm congested, my sinuses are draining, and my throat is getting scratchy. None of those are good signs. Attempting preventative care.

Not a good day for walking, even though hubby and I did a little antiquing.

3026 steps for 1.62 miles.

AT miles: 913.74

YTD miles: 33.88


Valerie Comer said...

Two full puppy walks as well as a walk around the lumber yard, various work around the house, and a sparkpeople exercise video brings today's total to 5.44 miles.

AT: 1179.07
YTD: 38.27

Margaret said...

Hugs, Jean. Hope you and your arms recover soon.

Nice work, Val! Really getting moving there.

Steps: 6443
PED Miles: 2.67
Non-PED Miles: 1
Total Miles: 3.67
YTD Total: 28.8
AT Total: 917.9
Virtual Walk Total: 979.56

Walked in Costco and took a medium walk outside but too cold for a long walk. Did the Day 7 video on SparkPeople, though faked the roll up over my knees. Just wasn't happening. And did the reverse crunches there too.

neils said...

Went for walk with Bonnie over Cedar Hill, the snow was too crusty (keep falling through on the flat area) so we walked back over the hill to return. Bonnie's pedometer says 3.5 miles, so who am I to argue :)

Went for an evening walk also 1.5.

Total: 5
AT: 1,576

Storm seems to have somewhat fizzled, looks like we got about 4 inches with blowing and drifting. I'll probably try the snow shoeing later.

Bonnie said...

Didn't do much walking on Friday but I don't remember why. Lazy I guess. The long walk yesterday left me with a sore calf muscle, so I think I'll stick with the exercise bike and some stretching today instead of more snow-sliding.

Total since last post: 4.5

January and year: 24.9
AT: 741.9