Sunday, January 4, 2009

Day 313, Sunday January 4

Today wasn't *quite* as cold, but I also bundled up warmer! A walk with the pup in the morning. He's pretty funny. The ditches he used to leap into are full of snow, but it is softer, deeper snow than the rest of beside-the-road. Good thing he's a big dog or he'd never get himself back out. And today he learned the ice hockey sliding stop.

Afternoon I did the 10-minute kickboxing video from SparkPeople for the *New You* challenge, then Jim and I walked the pup again. 11727 steps: 4.82 miles.

AT: 1154.65
YTD: 13.85


Margaret said...

ooh, kickboxing sounds neat. Just watch your neck. Me, I never got around to the WII and I'm trying to get to bed earlyish.

Steps: 5751
PED Miles: 2.38
Total Miles: 2.38
YTD Total: 10.65
AT Total: 899.75
Virtual Walk Total: 961.41

Walked in Costco and then a short walk in the freezing outdoors (literally. The pond had more ice on it than yesterday :)). Didn't get my minimum. Too busy posting the class.

neils said...

Well we planned to go skiing, but we were just to tired in the morning or unmotivated to actually get going. But we did to got a new nature preserve for our walk. Walkup Farm, nice pine stand on a small hill, we did 1.5 miles. I ran 3 later in the day.

Total: 4.5
AT: 1,547

Bonnie said...

For New Year's, I came down with another one of those nagging little colds that only last a couple of days and make me want to do nothing but sleep (and cough when I breathe in cold air). Friday was only half a mile of puttering around the house. Saturday 1.8, Sunday 2.2. Total 4.5.

January: 7.5
AT: 725.5
Year total: 7.5