Saturday, June 14, 2008

Day 105, Friday, June 13

I see nobody wanted to take a chance of posting on Friday the 13th. I'll start it off on Saturday, then. Yesterday, I was recovering from cutting up trees on the ranch on Thursday. It still added up ok:

6053 steps for 2.67 miles

AT miles: 336.92
YTD miles: 434.75

I've also been playing Wii Fit for a little over a week. It doesn't feel strenuous, but I seem to work up a sweat in my 20-25 minute workouts. Of the Wii Sports game that comes with the system, I don't really feel like anything but tennis or boxing really allows me to get a workout in. Bowling isn't a bad game. I'm lousy at baseball. I am having fun unlocking new segments of the Fit system, though.

Since I retired, I've managed to lose ten pounds. I've been doing a lot more physical work, but I've also sweated a lot of it out. If I can continue to lose, I think that will be a good sign.

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