Friday, June 6, 2008

Day 97, June 5 Thursday

So I've been getting back in the groove with the walking. Wednesday I walked in the morning and again over noon hour. Some yard cleanup in the evening for a net of 7901 steps/ 3.25 miles.

Today I took both walks a bit more seriously, though I passed a house with a beautiful yard on my noon walk in town, recognized the woman working in it, and got invited into the back half acre for a tour. *Almost* inspired me! :P

Today's steps 10322/ 4.24 miles
AT: 349.87
YTD: 446.97


neils said...

Cool, cloudy and now rainy; kind of says it for the past few days, but it is supposed to be in the 90's over the weekend.

Ran 3.5 at noon, and walked 1.5 in the evning with Bonnie.

total 5
AT: 519

Bonnie said...

I had about 3/4 mile from Wednesday, 1.6 in the evening, for 2.5 for two days.

AT: 194.9
June: 10.4
YTD: 241.3