Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Day 109, Tuesday, June 17th

No one of my zippier days, but here it is:

4955 steps for 2.18 miles

AT miles: 349.38

YTD miles: 447.21

On Friday, I begin the lawn mowing marathon again, so the counts will go up for sure. I didn't do much activity-wise today, but I did get to see a friend and former co-worker, so that was worthwhile.


Margaret said...

Visiting sure is important. And you're ahead of most of the pack, so I wouldn't worry. Not like you'll fall behind any time soon :).

Steps: 10343
PED Miles: 4.08
Non-PED Miles: 1.75
Total Miles: 5.83
AT: 319.49
YTD Total: 384.07

Today I went on a minor journey with my walking friend. We circled a new lake twice, saw some ruddy ducks, bunch of mallards with babies of all sizes, and caught sight of a muskrat carrying a strand of seaweed in his mouth that draped his full length on both sides. Just before we drove away, we saw a jackrabbit. Boy was it big and fast. Nothing like the cottontails we usually see, and saw when we arrived. Then on the way home, my friend saw a pheasant, but I missed it. I did the short walk with Colin but saw nothing in particular, and then 35 minutes on WII Fit to tell me just how unfit I am ;).

neils said...

No animals to report but lots of activity. Played golf 2 miles in the morning (wanted to try out what I'd learned), than ran 3.5 at noon and walked 1.5 with Bonnie in the evening.

Weather has turned very nice mid-70's with low humidity, but thunder storms in the PM. I can take it.

Total: 7
AT: 783

Bonnie said...

I'm still sore from the golf clinic and fighting a sinus infection, so didn't do much. Half a mile of errands and 1.6 in the evening, for 2.1 total.

June: 34.4
AT: 219.2
YTD: 266.1