Friday, June 20, 2008

Day 112, Friday, June 20th

I wear the pedometer while I work out with Wii, so I think the Wii time gets counted -- at least where there are steps involved.

I am a total dance/aerobics klutz. DDR baffles me. I'm doing something, but if you picture the nerd at the dance flailing around, that's about what the steps mean to me and I'm sure I look just as dorky. As for the Wii version, I'm doing ok at the basic version in the aerobics section -- I've gotten up to 2 stars and it tells me one of three things at the end -- speed up, slow down, or get consistent. I unlocked the advanced one a couple weeks ago and have tried it twice. I managed to get the clapping included today -- who knows how much if any was in synch, but the foot shaking (green steps) leave me looking like I'm trying DDR. At least I understand what the Wii is saying. I can't decipher the DJ in DDR to save my life.

I've been unlocking yoga poses I'll never be able to do because of my knees, but I do the ones I can do, and I'm getting 3 stars on several of them. I think there's even one or two where I consistently earn 4 stars. Triangle -- good for stretching the glutes, and mine have been tight lately.

Steps for today: 6499 for 2.87 miles

AT miles: 358.14
YTD miles: 455.97

Valerie, I hope you're FIL is doing better by the time you read this.

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