Sunday, June 15, 2008

Day 107, June 15th

Ok. So we're taking a couple days off from reporting. I've been doing that, too. I'm sure you're all recording, so I'm trekking along this lonely segment of trail.

Today's steps: 8990 for 3.97 miles

AT Total: 343.44

YTD Total: 441.27

Yes, I know I'm a fine one to talk -- point taken. I hope you fathers playing along had a Happy Father's Day.

And I seem to be spending the night in Carter, TN, at the Double Springs shelter.


Margaret said...

Steps: 8473
PED Miles: 3.3
AT: 311.48
YTD Total: 376.06

Two walks today and a little bit of errands. I saw the coyote yearling again, but that was from the car. The only interesting birds were the avacets (however you spell that). Sorry I haven't been posting. I'll admit the drive to post is lower when I'm not managing what I think I should. I did get 2.53 and 3.19 though for the two previous days and am trying to get back into gear.

neils said...

Been a busy weekend and didn't have time to post.

Friday, golf 2 miles, walked 1.5 at noon and then another 1.5 in the evening with Bonnie. Total 5

Saturday and Sunday Bonnie and I were at golf school, 5 hours each day of swinging the clubs, so we are really tired, but didn't do that much walking. I did an evenign walk of 1.5 each day, a total of 3.

Total 8
AT: 571

Bonnie said...

Thanks for taking care of the posts, Jean, and good to see you around :) I'm plodding along here, bringing up the rear behind all you speedsters.

As Neil said, we had a golf clinic this weekend so we got a lot of exercise but not much mileage. I'm counting mine at 5 miles for the three days. That puts me between shelters. I can probably make Tri-Corner Knob Shelter today, if I work at it.

June: 30.7
AT: 215.5
YTD: 262.6

Valerie Comer said...

I'm not sure why I'm not posting regularly. I'm walking decently most days--at least six out of seven!

Friday I walked 7490 steps--the usual walk in the morning and then a lot of walking as I tried to sort out the hall closet upstairs while the kids are away and no one will complain that things are blocking the other end of the hallway.

Saturday I forgot to wear the pedometer, but I cleaned out the camper and did a bunch of yard work so am awarding myself 2 miles.

Sunday we went for a drive and a hike for total steps of 10934/ 4.5 miles. Photos at the blog and more on Facebook.

AT: 375.07
YTD: 472.17

I'm thinking that I don't check my actual AT location very often--is that because the trail is so very long that it doesn't need doing every day? Huh.