Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Day 110, Wednesday, June 18th

Another lovely, hot day with no rain in sight, despite what hubby's repeated checking of the weather web site might indicate.

Today's count: 5795 steps and 2.56 miles

AT miles: 351.94

YTD miles: 449.77

We've moved one dump truckload of gravel and have one more to go. Then, we estimate, we'll need two more truckloads (at least) to get all the gravel we need for the driveway in place.


Margaret said...

Steps: 7476
PED Miles: 2.93
Non-PED Miles: 1.55
Total Miles: 4.48
AT: 322.42
YTD Total: 387

No big treks today. I did see an egret flying, but nothing else out of the ordinary. Did another 31 minutes on the WII Fit and I'm shaky :p.

neils said...

Sore knee, so just road the stationary bike 6.72 miles. Bonnie has a sinas infection, but she is feeling better after taking some meds.

Total 6.5
AT: 589.5