Monday, June 16, 2008

Day 108, Monday 16 June

Easy day recovering from the golf clinic -- just 1.6 in the evening, as usual. I did not make it to the next shelter and so will be spending the night huddled in my tent waiting for the lightning to go away.

June: 32.3
AT: 217.1
YTD: 264.2


Jean said...

Glad you had a good clinic!

I did 8530 steps for 3.76 miles today.

AT miles: 347.2

YTD miles: 445.03

Margaret said...

Steps: 9896
PED Miles: 3.89
Non-PED Miles: 1.55
Total Miles: 5.44
AT: 315.41
YTD Total: 379.99

Today I took a long walk with my walking friend and then a short one with my hubby. In between I did tidying of the house to prep for friends coming over, then afterwards I did 31 minutes on the WII, my first time in 13 days or so the game informed me :p.

neils said...

It was really an exciting storm last night. Lots of lightening and thunder. Managed to run 3.5 at noon and only got rained on during the last half mile. Evening walk finished before the storms arrived again.

Total 5.0
AT: 576

Jean said...

Hubby thinks Wii Fit is a little condescending.