Thursday, June 26, 2008

Day 118, Thursday, June 26th

I did get up and pull vines for about an hour this morning. That's mostly upper body with few steps. I got up "too early" though, and by the time I'd pulled today's quota of vines, I still had a little while to go before the post office opened, so I had breakfast. I did have a nice walk to the post office, turned over the correspondence at the window and checked the PO Box -- junk mail and mail from the previous person -- we've had the box for about five or six years, so it's a little surprising to still get mail for that guy. Gave it to the window and walked home with my Wal-Mart flyer. That was about 35 minutes and 3729 steps.

Shortly after I got home, I heard Hershey barking, I looked downstairs and saw Hershey standing near an empty collar lying on the ground. Millie slipped her collar. I dashed downstairs, grabbed her leash and the collar and headed off to where I hear my neighbor's dogs barking in the next block. Sure enough, she was running in the high school parking lot by the stadium entrance. Amazingly, she immediately came when I called. That's a first.

41 minutes on the Wii Fit. Again, not a lot of stepping involved today. Even so, today's count is better: 7357 for 3.25 miles.

AT miles: 372.02

YTD miles: 469.85

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