Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Day 117, Wednesday, June 25th

All my Wii Fit time today was on yoga, so even though I did 30 minutes, I wanted to go through every yoga pose opened to me so far, I got virtually zero steps for that time.

Today's steps: 4139 in 1.82 miles

AT miles: 368.77
YTD miles: 466.6

Tomorrow morning, after pulling vines, I'm going to walk to the post office to mail two pieces of correspondence. That ought to add some steps, and it should still be cool enough.


Margaret said...

Yeah, the yoga isn't worth many steps, but it's probably good for you :).

Steps: 8717
PED Miles: 3.43
Non-PED Miles: 1.5
Total Miles: 4.93
AT: 344.94
YTD Total: 409.52

Took a walk today out in the smoke which I probably shouldn't have but I got to see the great blue heron on the close side of the pond. Then went to a large casino for a while to walk about in the air conditioning and more importantly fire smoke free environment then my 30 minutes on the WII. Didn't think I'd gotten much exercise. I was wrong :P.

Bonnie said...

"Didn't think I'd gotten much exercise. I was wrong :P."

Heh, Mar, where have I heard that before? Especially if you make it writing/editing/critting instead of exercise :D But hugs on the smoke. That must be awful.

I did some running around during the afternoon, parking the car far away to get more walking, so probably about .6 mile. And our regular evening walk at 1.6, for a total of 2.2.

June: 52.4
AT: 237.2
YTD: 284.1

neils said...

Being gone last weekend and traveling to visit relatives this weekend, I woke up early and played golf 2 miles. Too many meetings so just a 1.5 mile walk at noon, and 1.5 miles in the evening with Bonnie.

Won't be able to post till Monday

Total: 5.0
AT: 631