Thursday, June 19, 2008

Day 111, Thursday, June 19th

Hubby headed back to San Antonio this afternoon, so I'll be working inside as well as mowing. I won't be able to put off pulling ivy off the front of the house either, so I'll be diving into that.

Before I left Montgomery, I picked up something poison ivy like, and when that happens, it goes systemic on me, so I'm still (over a month later) dealing with pop up ivy rashes. Until I can get it cleared up, I'm not anxious to go anywhere near anything in the great outdoors. I imagine a couple of forays to the ranch (with known rash causing plants) have not helped. As long as it doesn't get worse, I won't need to seek medical attention.

But I did get steps in today. 7536 for 3.33 miles.

AT miles: 355.27

YTD miles: 453.1

My Wii version of Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) arrived a few days ago, and I gave it a try today. I'm a total klutz whenever I try anything like this, but I'm discovering with Wii Fit that with perseverance, I am beginning to get the hang of some of this stuff. Maybe DDR will work similarly. Of course, it might help if I could figure out what the heck the DJ is saying about eyes...

I love the Wii Fit. The balance board helps me get emphasis where it is supposed to be for the yoga moves, so in some ways, I think it's a great individual yoga teacher. For instance, I did Downward Facing Dog on it for the first time yesterday, and it told me I was putting too much of my weight on my feet and needed to shift more to my hands. I had been thinking I wasn't getting enough on my feet. That's happened on one other pose. Of course, on the rowing, I can't begin to get my center of gravity into the blue zone, so it fails me every time. Ugh. I also like the way you start with a few poses or activities and "earn" more as you work.


Margaret said...

Ooh, another WII Fit'er. You need to translate your workout to miles so you get appropriate credit. And have you done the DDR that's within WII Fit? It's fun...hard, but fun. I'm having problems with some of the exercises, but overall, it's great, and I'll figure those out. I may not be strong enough for them yet.

Steps: 10805
PED Miles: 4.26
Non-PED Miles: 1.75
Total Miles: 6.01
AT: 326.68
YTD Total: 391.26

Did a very long walk today in the morning with my walking buddy, then a friend drove me to a meeting and I had her drop me some distance so I could walk back in the evening. Then did my 35 minutes on the WII Fit, so guess I did well :).

Valerie Comer said...

Somehow I've gotten out of the habit of coming here to announce my numbers. I'm still walking and still recording, just forgetting to log in here.

We played around with the Wii some when we were at our son's in May, and hubby was intrigued, so we'll see. Maybe we'll get it for Christmas?

I've been walking most morning and most noon hours and/or some evenings and keeping the number of steps over 10K (except Monday, at 7964). Gardening, raking, and pushing the wheelbarrow around the yard have helped keep the numbers up.

My current totals are:
AT: 392.7
YTD: 489.8

We're headed to Calgary at noon today as my FIL is in hospital as they try to determine the cause of internal bleeding. My pedometer is on my body and the laptop is coming along, so I'll keep walking as I can and keep my spreadsheet up-to-date and post when I can.