Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Day 116, Tuesday, June 24th

Steps: 3759
PED Miles: 1.48
Non-PED Miles: 7.6
Total Miles: 9.08
AT: 341.51
YTD Total: 406.09

Most of my "mileage" today came from not walking :). I did a 6 mile bike ride with my son in the morning, then worked out on the WII. The actual steps are mostly pacing because California is burning and dropping ash out of our sky. We're not supposed to be outside right now :p.


neils said...

Another easy recovery jog at noon 3 miles, and then a 1.5 mile walk with Bonnie in the evening. Starting to feel normal again :)

Total 4.5
AT: 626

Bonnie said...

Just our usual evening walk for 1.6 miles.

June: 50.2
AT: 235.0
YTD: 281.9

Jean said...

30 minutes on Wii a little weedeating in the yard.
4078 steps for 1.8 miles

I guess without hubby here to crack the whip, I'm just a couch potato.

But on the serious side, I have a rash from contact with some foliage I've been fighting off for over a month, and I'm trying not to aggravate it in hopes it will go away. Aside from itching everywhere, I'm fine.

Valerie Comer said...

Monday I walked with my sis-in-law at lunch hour and was busy at work, total 7307 steps/ 3 miles.

Tuesday I walked before work and a bit at lunch (between shops!) for a total of 7447/ 3.06 miles.

Stupid achey back.

AT: 409.98 miles
YTD: 507.08